• rifted heaven


    Consider not the sullen valley beneath thy dusty African feet: rather behold thou the Rifted Heaven blazing forth in its Talons of Light thy Civil Liberty amid the destiny of Africa!

  • humanity of africa


    Precious thou art, O Humanity of Africa!

  • humble origins


    The sacred gemstones of civilization must be obtained from these humble origins ere ever maintained onto Nationhood pristine.

  • crucible of civilization


    The African Identity who pursues Nationhood must fetch the seed thereof from the existential crucible of his core African Nativity.

  • hut of ascetism


    The African Identity dons the asceticism of Discipleship. The talons of Illumination of Consciousness peer through the tattered thatch of his hut to impact him with Civil Liberty.

  • elated african sky


    The destiny of Africa lies not in the stale dirt of familiar scenes, but in the symphonic blue of the Elated African Sky.

  • plane of existence


    On the Plane of Existence where dots African huts, Individuation of the African Identity is obtained onto Civil Liberty.

  • purity of soul


    Affliction and desolation of the African Identity secretly basks Purity of Soul.

Welcome, Seeker of Civil Liberty!

Colonial history has it that Africa was discovered by Europeans. The African Character emergent upon this “discovery” was defined according to negative racial biases as held by early colonial Europeans in their appraisal of Africa and Africans. Non-definition of Identity thus institutionalized in the African existence, vent in tragedies of military cataclysm and genocidal looting of economies as in Nigeria.  These forms of the “African” opprobrium and failure do not necessarily represent the true nature of the African Identity once situated in Self Discovery. These familiar evils of the “African” existence remain nothing but manifestation of the non-definition of Identity into which “Africa” was “discovered” by early European racist-imperialists.

The divine process of total-actualization of the existential status of Nationhood configures survivalism of the African Identity toward self-definition and self-invention. European “discovery” of the African Character instituted “nationhood” of the degenerative kind: thus only Self Discovery of the African Identity elevates to regenerative, pristine Nationhood.

The philosophy of African existence, which Destiny of Africa represents is propounded in Prophecy of Democracy, fondly designated Sacred Verses of the Revolution. This Holy Book of the Revolution took an approximate 20 years to write, whose spiritual vision is Cultivation of the African Identity with cultural mission as Development of the African Character. It is not a work presented as to represent attainment of literary perfection; it is rather one written in humble envisionment of Civil Liberty for the African existence and experience. The Sacred Verses thus would appear to be definitive in the theme it explores – being the “full extent of Democracy” … “the highest possible outcome of Democracy” in Niger Area as onto the existential status of pristine Nationhood through Self Discovery.

The destiny of Africa comes to total manifestation only when the African Identity achieves the existential status of Self Discovery as onto Civil Liberty in  pristine Nationhood.

Destiny of Africa (DOA) espouses a psychology of Revolution, which deviates from stereotypes such as instigate military cataclysm for change in human polity and society. DOA thus embraces Revolution of Conscience in the subjective Identity, which projects onto the objective Character its Evolution of Consciousness in society and polity.

When Revolution dawns upon Nigeria thus, what would it look like? We’ve all heard of Revolution in other parts of the world – Fall of the Berlin Wall and Black Man in the White House representing definitive examples. Thus, by what aspect or mien does Revolution dawn upon Nigeria – a peculiar, satanically virulent pathology of the African existence and experience?

The book Aspect of Revolution in Nigeria explores this concern. It would also represent a “Key” to the Sacred Verses of the Revolution, from which derives DOA philosophy of the African existence and experience as impeccably flourished in Civil Liberty upon the Sacred Path of Nationhood.

So welcome, Seeker of Civil Liberty! You may begin your exploration of Revolution and Liberty by visiting our Bookstore to download the book Aspect of Revolution in Nigeria as your first reading project on the Destiny of Africa web site. The general public is not expected to be comfortable with the Sacred Verses of the Revolution proper, owing to its dreamy poetical rendition. This Holy Book of the Revolution has been categorized only as a “Textbook of the Revolution” for the “experts” to make reference to. Aspect of Revolution in Nigeria thus is a very good beginning for the Seeker of Civil Liberty, who must at first find Revolution of Conscience in the subjective existence, alone which galvanizes him onto Evolution of Consciousness in the objective experience.

Welcome, beloved Seeker of Spiritual Revolution and Civil Liberty!